Ice Cream Vendors

We're providing Ice Cream Vendors with a digital platform to streamline the way they do business.

The greensleeves ice cream chime has been associated for many years with ice cream vans, though there is no greater frustration to your potential customers than to hear the chime and not know exactly where it is, or if it has already been past their house.

This converts to revenue that you are missing out on and we now have a way to bring an end to the frustration while at the same time, improving your customer service and potentially increasing your revenue.

Register an account with for free, then start adding vans for just $4.95/month per van. Once you have at least one van set up, you will have the option to "Start Tracking".

When you start tracking, your location is sent to our server periodically, which is used to draw your route on a Google Map. Users of the website can browse at any time (they don't even need to be logged in) to see which vans are nearby, where they have already been and where they currently are.

Users can also "follow" their favourite vans which will then notify them when their favourite vans are nearby.

As an ice cream vendor, you can enter your products and associated details, any extras you offer, information about your van and link your social media profiles.

Get your van set up today and start boosting your business!